Bozhidar Milenkov - Kayak

Born on 01.12.1954 in Plovdiv

Bozhidar Milenkov participated in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, Canada, where he was ranked 7 in K4 1000 m and in Moscow, Russia in 1980, where he won a bronze medal at K4 – 1,000 m. His World Championships are as follows: 1977 in Sofia – fifth place at K2 – 500 m; 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia – fifth place at K4 – 500 m and sixth place at K4 – 1,000 m; 1979 in Duisburg, Germany – sixth place at K4 – 500m.

Milenkov started practicing kayak under Georgi Uchkunov in 1966. He competed until 1985 for the team of Trakiya (Plovdiv). Milenkov is Republican champion from various kayak disciplines.

Milenkov graduated from the National Sports Academy. For many years he was member of the national team of Bulgaria. He ended his sports career in 1985, after which he became coach in the team of Trakiya (Plovdiv). He is engaged as a coach of the Junior National Team and as assistant-coach in the national team of Bulgaria. Bozhidar Milenkov also trains several Olympic medalists – Vanya Gesheva, Diyana Paliyska, Ognyana Petrova and others.

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