Siika Kelbecheva – Barbulova - Rowing

Born on 01.12.1951 in Smolyan

Siyka Kelbecheva-Barbulova is the first Olympic Champion of the City of Plovdiv. She won a gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in Canada at double scull without helmsman with Stoyanka Gruycheva. At the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games in Russia, they both won bronze medals and became our most successful rowers in Olympic waters.

Her first participation in the national team was in 1972 at the European Championship in Brandenburg, Germany, where she ranked fourth at quad scull with a helmsman. At the 1973 Moscow European Championship in Russia, she took fifth place at quad scull and at eight scull with a helmsman. In the autumn of 1974 she made a tandem with Stoyanka Gruycheva. At the first World Championship in Lucerne, Switzerland, she took eighth place at quad scull with a helmsman and at the 1975 World Championship in Nottingham, England, she took fourth place.

Andon Subashev attracted her to rowing in 1970. After that, from 1973 until the end of her sports career she worked with the renowned coach Lyuben Golev. Nikolay Zdravkov and Victor Doropheev were also her coaches.

She is a president of the Hebros Sports Rowing Club. Siyka Kelbecheva-Barbulova has been honorary citizen of Plovdiv since 2001 and was awarded the Stara Planina Order in 2013.

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