Angelina Mihaylova-Manolova - Basketball

Born on 06.06.1960 in Plovdiv

Angelina Manolova’s biggest success in basketball is the silver medal won at the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980. Her sporting career began in 1972 at the Vasil Levski Sports School in Plovdiv under the coach Simeon Vulev and continued with Mancho Bonev and Hristo Marinov.

            She was part of the team of Maritsa Plovdiv. At the age of 17, Manolova was included and competed for the women’s team, led by Tencho Nachev. With this club, she played two finals for the Liliana Ronchetti European League Cup.

In the period from 1984 until 1988 Manolova competed for the team of Akademik Plovdiv.

Her first achievement with the national team was in Szczecin, Poland, in 1976, where she won third place for cadets.

From 1978 until 1982 Manolova was part of the female national team and proudly competed for our country. She was Balkan champion with very good ranking in European championships. The coach she owes the most is Ivan Galabov.

In 1993 Manolova participated in the Games of the Small States of Europe in Malta. As part of the Maltese national team, she won a bronze medal.

Angelina Mihaylova-Manolova is an Honored Master of Sport.

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