Club of the "Olympic Medalist"

Plovdiv is a city of sport. Here is the birthplace of 50 Olympic medalists who have glorified our country with their successes in academic rowing, canoeing, kayaking, weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, etc. It is not by chance that in 2015 Plovdiv was declared a European city of sport. Hosted by numerous European and world championships, the city continues to think about the development of Bulgarian sport. That is why, today, February 23 at 11:00 am at the initiative of the Youth Center Plovdiv, was founded the Club of "Olympia".

The goal of the club is to popularize the mass sport of children and adolescents and motivate them to work from an early age. Olympic medalists from Plovdiv will be presenting their disciplines personally and conducting open free training for those wishing to play on the grounds of the Youth Center of the Rowing Base. It is planned to start in March and be twice a month. The club will aim to offer and implement ideas that support sport at the local and national level. Special thanks to all Olympic medalists who supported the idea, namely: Nikolay Buhalov-canu; Asen Zlatev - lifting of weights; Petar Zapryanov - shooting; Annie Uzunova - Volleyball;

Georgi Vassilev-football; Penka Stoyanova - Basketball; Sika Kelbecheva - academic rowing; Angelina Mihaylova - Basketball; Stoyan Gunchev - Volleyball; Ivan Mihaylov - boxing; Nonka Matova - shooting; Caspar Simeonov-Volleyball, Magdalena Georgieva - Academic Rowing; Stoyanka Gruycheva - academic rowing.

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Project "Establishing Youth Centre in the city of Plovdiv", with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 ДО3-9/28.01.2014