How to make your dreams come true?


"The goal is a dream with a deadline. "- Napoleon Hill
 People who have well-developed goals are much more likely to do so and benefit from success, both professionally and in their personal lives.
The Seminar "How to Make Your Dreams a Reality?" is result oriented and will allow you to leave the indecision behind you, move boldly forward,be more self-confident, and develop a clear idea of ​​the right path to success.

You will get an easy-to-follow framework to define your priorities and action steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
The evening seminar with Stoyan Tassev will help you determine the direction to follow by showing you the key to success.
At the seminar you will receive answers to the following key questions:
What is a goal?
Why does a person need goals?
How do we define our goals?
Are there any impossible goals?
What can I do after my dream come true?
What should I do if it does not work?

Come to a different seminar where you and your future are important!

Entrance fee: 20 BGN - Double ticket (You and your friend)
Book your place now at:
 0888 900676
 (the seats are limited)

For the lecturer:
Stoyan Tasev is a consultant and lecturer in sales and negotiations. More than 1,500 people have passed through his training. His style is casual, alive, with constant audience interaction. The emphasis in his training is on simple, immediate solutions and action. The main enemy in his practice is boredom.

The lecturer embodies success at the cost of his own efforts. The value of his knowledge lies in his rich sales experience, launched at a very early age.
More about the lecturer at: www.stoyantasev.com

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