Emotions and nonverbal communication


Do we recognize our emotions? How do we control them? What does emotional intelligence mean? The answers to these questions will be found together on 27.02, from 2.00 pm. Through interactive methods We will explore the different types of emotions and the way we express ourselves beyond words. We will discuss the main elements of non-verbal communication, the ideas we build for our personality in others through our behavior, what our most characteristic gestures and mimics reveal about us.
The experience we will gain at our meeting will help improve our communication skills, make our self-expression more successful, and prevent conflicts that are most often caused by misinterpretation of our emotional state.

All young people ready to provoke themselves are welcome!

Free entrance


Project "Establishing Youth Centre in the city of Plovdiv", with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 ДО3-9/28.01.2014