Krasi Dunev - the first in the world to make six consecutive overhangs on horizontal bars


Did sport choose you or did you choose the sport?

I think that every person in his life has a prescribed path to go, respectively decisions to take and choices to make. Gymnastics for me was one of these most important choices.

 You are the first gymnast in the world to make six consecutive overhangs. What qualities are needed to achieve this success?

Extremely hard work, dedication, courage and discipline. To reach the top of the elite, something had to be done that no one had ever done before.

At the cost of what do you become Olympic Vice Champion on horizontal bar?

Having the luck and the pride of winning a medal at the Olympics is priceless.

Why did you stop your sport career right after the Olympic Games in Atlanta, USA in 1996?

After my stay in America,due to circumstances, I ended my sport career in my strongest year when I won a World Championship, a European and a Vise Championship.

What did gymnastics give you? What would you advise young athletes who want to professionally engage in this sport?

Gymnastics gave me everything. Sport is health and every child has to deal with it. I would advise all those who practice professional gymnastics to give their best, not to give up and continue to pursue their dreams.

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