Olympic champion Lilyana Vaseva: Sport teaches you to overcome yourself


Where did your sport career start?

My sporting career started and ended in AFC Trakia.

Are the Olympic Games the top in the career of every athlete?

The Olympic Games are a 4-year-long striving for every great player, and the participation in them is really the greatest achievement.

You win an Olympic medal at a four with a steersman. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a team competition?

The advantage of participating in a team is that there is someone to support you when you need it. The downside is that a mistake of other person can deprive you from a medal.

Competitor or coach - what role do you like more?

The role of a competitor.

What does sport give to a person? Why should I train professionally?

Sport gives an iron self-discipline and a skill to learn to overcome yourself. At the moment, the sport is such that, without dedicating yourself fully to the preparation, it is inconceivable to realize a big race.

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