Youth Center Plovdiv http://youthcenter.local Община Пловдив Football tournament Bulgarian-Portuguese exchange European Platform of Youth Centеrs: Serbia 2015 "Youth participation" Study Visit inStrasbourg, France Round table III Study visit Budapest, Hungary Visit in Oslo, Norway Ground breaking Non-formal training 'All different, all equal' Round table II Round table I Contract Signing in MoE&S Information campaign among young people August 12 - International Youth Day <p>Today, 12<sup>th</sup> of August 2015, the &lsquo;Establishing Youth Centre in the city Plovdiv&rsquo; team held an event to mark 12<sup>th</sup> of August &ndash; the International Youth Day. Georgi Titjukov &ndash; mayor of Central District &ndash; was the official guest at the event. He greeted the youth centre team and all participants in the event. The Zumba dance club &ndash; led by its trainer Nataliya Boteva &ndash; took part in the celebration. Young people, guests and visitors joined the dances under the rhythms of Zumba. In order to commemorate the International Youth Day the youth workers and Roma mediators have prepared a special programme with a number of interactive games, quizzes, a photo booth and a specialised info-stand, where young people could learn more about the activities of the youth centre. The winners, of course, received special gifts. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Representativesnof the National Youth Forum visit the Youth centre Sadovo and Suedinenie <p>Between 6<sup>th</sup> and 14<sup>th</sup> October part of the team of youth workers and Roma mediators working in Youth Centre Plovdiv visited Sadovo and Saedinenie. They conducted a non-formal educational activity with young people. The activity in Sadovo was about ways of managing aggressive behavior.&nbsp; In Saedinenie the topic of the non-formal educational activity was &ldquo;The right to express my opinion&rdquo;.</p> Opening Sadovo 10.12.2015 The Youth center in Plovdiv won first prize in the national competition "Building of the Year Bulgaria 2015" in the category "Buildings of social importance" Meeting with young people on the topic: "The connection between young people and local authorities" An informational meeting with young people from football club “Spartak” On the 19th of January 2016, part of the Plovdiv Youth Centre Team met with young people from the local School of Sports An informational meeting with young people from school “Vasil Levski” Plovdiv Youth Centre Team met with young people from the local School of Sports Plovdiv Youth Centre Team met with young people from the local School of Sports The main values and principles of education “The ideal society” The Plovdiv Youth Centre team was happy to welcome fifteen school principals and counselors at an official meeting A meeting with young people aged between 16 and 18 years old A non formal educational activity An informational meeting with young people Аn educational activity with young people aged between 15-16 years old A meeting in “National high school of stage and film design” The Plovdiv Youth Centre has begun work with a new group of young people, aged 16-17 year A non-formal educational activity for presenting the Universal declaration of Human Rights Youth Centre The team of Youth Center Plovdiv started visiting high schools in Plovdiv The teams of youth workers had a discussion with young people on the topic “Gender equality” Аn educational activity with young people, which continued the topic of human rights Non formal educational activity was held in Youth Centre Plovdiv with students A new club “The artist in me” started in Youth centre Plovdiv Activity, part of a training module on the theme "Tolerance" <p>Activity, part of a training module on the theme "Tolerance" was held on 03.11.2016 in the Youth Center of Plovdiv. The aim of the activity was a revision of fundamental human rights, as well as discussion about their interconnection.&nbsp;</p> Discussion with students on the topic of Discrimination The team of Youth Centre Plovdiv continues its work with students from Private High School “Drujba” A fourth consecutive round table entitled "Vision for youth – let’s look in the same direction", was held on 21 March in Youth Center Plovdiv International Roma Day in Youth Centre Plovdiv Мeeting on the topic of Discrimination International Meeting of Tourism Club “The Artist in me” Тhe ‘Be…!’ club А meeting of eighteen different NGOs Youth Centre Plovdiv was visited by our colleagues from Youth Centre Vratsa An educational activity with young people from Professional High School of Tourism No Hate Speech Movement Youth centre Plovdiv started an English club The final meeting with students from private school ‘’Druzhba” Round Table on the topic "Youth workers in Bulgaria" A sports event for children deprived of parental care Open Day Second youth exchange Youth Centre Plovdiv was visited by a group of young people from South Korea and representatives of Ministry of Youth and Sports "Children's railway" was opened at the Youth hill Education of multipliers Press conference and round table on the project "Establishing a Youth Centre in the city of Plovdiv" A meeting for sharing experience No Hate Speech Movement Национална мрежа на младежките центрове A National meeting of organisations working with and for Roma young people Exchange in Youth Center Brežice, Slovenia European Week of Sport Education of the teams in European youth centre Budapest Informational campaign in the secondary schools in Plovdiv Municipal district “South” hosted an information meeting Youth center Plovdiv welcomed students from secondary school "Konstantin Velichkov", Plovdiv Event to celebrate Halloween November 1, 2016 the National Awakening Day Youth Centre Plovdiv hosted a group of young people from Sweden, Educational module “Promoting healthy lifestyle among young people” Тhe first anniversary of Youth Centre Plovdiv Non-formal educational activity named "The Perfect World" Мeeting of Youth Centre Plovdiv Advisory Council English Language Club "Promoting healthy lifestyle among young people" Human Rights and Communication’ "Movement is Health" "Human rights" "Stronger together” National training seminar Charity Christmas bazaar Мeeting of teams of youth centers under Component 1 of the program BG06 "Children and youth at risk" Health education Youth exchange with Norway Healthy lifestyle among young people Regional visit <p>On 1<sup>st</sup> of February part of Youth Centre Plovdiv&rsquo;s team visited Hisariya where they held a non formal educational activity about the needs of the young people in the town. The topic of the event was defined by representatives of local municipality and the strategy of local authority for work with young people will be based on the results of the meeting. Official guest of the event was Penka Doykova &ndash; Mayor of Hisariya.</p> <p>The team of Youth Centre Plovdiv would like to thank Mrs Daniela Nikolova for the support for organizing the event, as well as to all the young people for their active participation.</p> <p>The regional visit is part of the main activities under BG 06-103 project &ldquo;Establishing a youth centre in the city of Plovdiv&rdquo; and there are three more upcoming visits. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> Round table on the topic "My cool school" "The opportunities of building a youth center in Hisarya" Handling our Emotions Еxchange with young people from Latvia International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination Emotional intelligence Youth expo “A step back after a wrong turn is also a step in the right direction” A meeting with young people from the town of Hissar Сontinuity in the field of youth work Continuity in Youth Work A summer English course <p>A summer English course, level A1, started in Youth centre Plovdiv on 6<sup>th</sup> June. Children aged between 11 and 15 take part in the activities. The course aims at improving the language knowledge of the students through interactive educational methods and diverse educational games.&nbsp;</p> “The Artist in Me” Club "The artist in me" Exchange with young people from South Korean A delegation from the Japanese city of Okayama visited Youth Center Plovdiv Guest at the Youth Center Plovdiv was a Bulgarian-Italian youth group Information meeting with students from Stolipinovo Youth Exchange of good practices Guest of Youth Center Plovdiv were young people part of the Youth Policy Council from the town of Pazardzhik Educational workshops for children on the topic "Me and the world around me" "The Artist In Me" English language course Sport complex Youth Center Base Аccommodation Ninth International Meeting on Tourism Meeting EEa Alternative urban mobility Digital ninjas 2017 Youth Centre Plovdiv second anniversary PTPI (People to People International) workshop - 25.11.2017 Regional visit Study visit in local high school “Luben Karavelov” Aggression А charity event of the foreign students from the Medical University Plovdiv ‘Tolerance’ <p>The Plovdiv Youth Centre has begun working with a new group of young people, aged 15-17 . It was an initial get-to-know one another meeting. The non-formal activity was entitled &lsquo;Tolerance&rsquo;, which aimed at familiarising them with the non-formal educational methods. The group had the chance to participate in various activities and discussions on the above mentioned topic</p> А workshop of the youth centers was held in Lukovit Аn initiative of the Plovdiv 2019 Foundation Youth Center Plovdiv welcomed a group of Indian tourists . On February 8, we mark the Safer Internet Day Red Paper Plane Emotions Intercultural dialogue Region visit in Rakovski Regional visit in the town of Brezovo Regional visit in the town of Karlovo Regional visit in the town of Krichim Regional visit in the town of Sopot Comunication Suggestopedia Centre "Vihrovenia" in Plovdiv Treasure Hunt Council of Europe Course Dance with us! Talk - inspire them The mayor of Thessaloniki visited Youth Centre Director - leader and innovator Quality Label of the Chance of Europe Youth Forum - day 1 Youth Forum - day 2 Kapana Fest European Platform of Youth Centеrs Children nurseries Suggestopedia Ecological and Educational Youth Camp in Town of Dobrich Youth Camp "Let's be Eco" Summer Acadmy for the children of Town of Hissar International Day of Youth Delegation from South Korea visited Youth Centre Plovdiv International Conference on Youth Policy Standards in the Western Balkans Opening of outdoor classroom with a bio-garden Social Entrepreneurship for Young Community Media Makers Youth Forum: Truth or Dare 2 Educational forum "Do you know your human rights" Safenet Palestinian tawn wants to exchance good practices Meeting of the Programme Operator with the teams of the Youth Centres, financed from EEA Grants 2009-2014 in Plovdiv Christmas charity bazaar "The art of public speaking" Youth forum 3 Cybercouts training in the city of Septemvri Cybercouts training in the town of Yakoruda Hotel animation Educational forum "New perspectives"in town of Dimitrovgrad Educational forum "New possibilities"in town of Sopot Educational Forum "Out of shape - Moderators of the Future" Easter bazaar Easter charity bazaar "From children to children" Cybercouts training in the town of Kardzhali Tolerance: research on stereotypes and prejudices Youth Centre Plovdiv Hosts International Training of the Council of Europe Charity campaigns Friends with the nature Friends with the nature 2 Exchange Okayama Friends with the nature 3 no hate speach