Anna Bakova: Sport teaches me how to fight life

- Do you remember when you started rowing professionally?

- I started rowing professionally as a young girl. After the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, they took me to the national team. There followed a number of camps and my first World Championship in which I took part was in 1977 in Amsterdam.

- You have participated in both double and quadruple scull? How is the synchron in the team achieved?

- Yes, I have participated in a world championship of a double scull and most of the time I have been part of a quadruple scull, and I have completed a whole Olympic cycle (until the 1980 Olympics). First of all - we have four people in the team, with the boatman - 5. These are four different characters, four wild women, each with their own vision, with their pretention and whims. Synchron is achieved above all with tremendous work, discipline and great ambitions, and yet with a sense of understanding. There can be no winning by the team without understanding.

- What are the necessary conditions and qualities to win the Olympic medal?

- In order to win an Olympic medal, the conditions for good preparation must first be met. It requires the peace of every athlete so that the best can be given. There must be mutual trust in the team, and with the coach. There must be a goal. It takes a lot of work and persistence. I would add also devotion.

- You have a full set of medals from your five World Cup tournaments. At what cost were they earn?

- Above all, much work and discipline. Also, a lot of deprivations reflecting on relatives, family.

- What did the sport give you? What would you advise young athletes who want to do professional rowing?

- The sport gave me a lot. First - discipline, second - the orientation in understanding people, life, to know the difficulties and overcome them. It teaches me to struggle with life, with what I have set as a goal. And, above all, rowing taught me to love sport, because sport builds the person.

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