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Training program "Youth in action 2" - 17.02.2024

🧩 This weekend we held another training session under the "Youth in action 2" program!💡Participants were involved in various individual and group situations, becoming familiar with the essence of non-formal education and building skills for research and recognition of needs and wants. In addition...
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Training program "Youth in action 2" - 10.02.2024

🔥Another full Saturday has passed from the Training Program "Youth in action 2"! This time the youth touched on the topics of the handbook related to learning in youth work and internet literacy.🔎Participants explored the learning process in youth work. They worked in teams and presented a variet...
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Training program "Youth in action 2" - 03.02.2024

🎯The "Youth in action 2" challenge continues in full force. This Saturday saw the provocative topics of human rights and youth civic engagement through the lens of art, where youth had the opportunity to showcase their presentation and artistic skills.🧩The activity ended with a creative meeting w...
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Training program "Youth in action 2" - 27.01.2024

The Saturday day at the Municipal Enterprise "Youth Center Plovdiv" has long been dedicated to educational programs.  The "Youth (re)act 2" program continues in full force. In the Presentation Skills theme, the youth tried various techniques and exercises to improve their public speaking ski...
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Educational and sports activities with young people from Sadovo

Young people from Professional Agricultural High School "Dimitar Naumov", town of Sadovo, visited the Municipal Enterprise "Youth Center Plovdiv". The meeting was a continuation of already conducted activities with young people and was realized as a result of field research.The group was introduc...
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First meeting of the Training Program "Youth in action 2"

The first meeting with the participants of the Training Program "Youth (re)act 2" is already a fact.We started with a presentation of the team and the work of the Municipal Enterprise "Youth Center Plovdiv". The group was introduced to the program in more detail and had the opportunity to share t...
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International Youth Exchange in Thessaloniki, Greece

👥The team of OP "Youth Center Plovdiv" and the approved candidates were part of the implementation of the International Youth Exchange in Thessaloniki, Greece.🎯The goals of our visit were related to the exchange of good ideas and practices, as well as the establishment of partnerships between you...
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Training Program "Young people (re) act 2"

We start 2024 with an educational program on the second part of the "Young people (re) act". It will last 10 weeks, with activities being held in the Youth Center building. The goals of the training program are:- knowledge and application of the principles and methods of non -formal educatio...
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Informal training with students from Sadovo

In December, informal training was held with young people at the Dimitar Naumov Vocational High School, Sadovo.The activities were aimed at familiarizing the activities of the Plovdiv Youth Center, as well as one of its main areas - informal education. Based on the surviving method, participants...
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Visit of students from the municipality of Kuklen

Before the Christmas holidays, students from Kuklen Municipality, accompanied by their teachers, visited us again. The purpose of the visit was related to the presentation of the new educational manual "Youth (re)act 2".The students from PGSS and SU "Otets Paisiy" embarked on the challenge of you...
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Project № BG06-103 "Establishing a Youth Centre in the City of Plovdiv" under the programme "Children and Youth at Risk", component 1 "Care for Youth at Risk" with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.

Project № BGLD-1.003-0002 "Youth Centre Plovdiv - a powerful factor for local development" under the programme “Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of vulnerable groups” funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.